self_II_40x40cmBringing self back to self.

Do you see your true self? The evolutionary self is coded deep inside our DNA. When we see our selves, the awareness of our ever evolving being is freed from its illusionary veil. When the self finally meets its own inherent greatness and joy for life, the opening has been unveiled. The stepping into our true joy for life is enhancing the life bringing energies that resides in each of us.

The earth is a living breathing organism just like us.

The basis of our existence in this life, here and now.

Precious mother earth. She is working eternally to swallow our waste.

I have seen her behind my eyes. It is true. She is so much more
than we can ever imagine and without her we do not exist.

Cleaning is a divine act of healing.
Our beliefs need to be cleansed. The world needs cleansing. The act of cleansing helps healing yourself and the world too. By deep cleaning your own being, your insecurities, your submission,
your disbelief in yourself, your ignorance, your dominance, your hatred, or anger you revive.

Either dominated or dominating, these unloving thoughts need to be dusted away. Go deep inside,
in yourself, and clean the mess… don’t worry, you do something good for the world at the same time as you take responsibility for your own human dust. Dust away the old beliefs of the world and we’ll be free. To be. love. To let humanity shine.

Saying “I love you” to somebody else, heals their being and brings them back to their source,
their soul.

Most of the bad we see in the world is a result of lack of love. If we heal and love another, we will love life. Loving life, the pure, natural miracle of being alive and knowing what a gift it is to breathe. And all the beautiful loving things to do… if we love, we know what love is… love is sharing, joy, happiness, respect and seeing the soul in ourselves and in others.
Be. cause we love loving.