KATARINA WINSLOW // born 16th of December 1969, Malmoe, Sweden

The synchronicity
of life
is explored
in my paintings.

Looking beyond,
other dimensions
and finding
the essence
of the moment,
the understanding
of each
experience evolves
and the flow of life
feels intensified.

in the present
gives me a sense
of vision
and existential joy.

In imagination
I am free;
everything is colour
and shape,
the microcosmos
and macrocosmos
of each moment.

The visible
and the transparency
of all levels of existence.

Exploration of
lies behind;
behind the wind,
behind the dream,
behind what we see.//


“Touch that which can not be touched by our senses only by our soul”

The canvas is the relationship with the now, this DAY,
the present moment and the relationship with the unseen.

The TWO of every experience, the union between my personal perception
and that of the universal seeing.

The me, the you, the in-be-tween.

Through the barriers of isolation, I make room for truth and joy.

Consciousness and the beyond. The non-space. Authenticity, the non-spoken.

The breathing. The art of living.

In-be-tween I understand more.

The canvas is an image waiting to reveal itself. Elevating messages.

To decode the confusion of existence.

The medium to express profundity, in the now.

Guided I see more. Truth. Understanding and learning,
the canvas is my teacher.

Seeing my truth.

In a state of freedom shapes and forms have no rules and colors have
no definite places.

The breath of imagination is awakened. A space for the unspoken,
a peaceful and whole place for my soul to exist.

I am. You are. We are. Twoday. In-be-tween. And beyond.

When I see in-be-tween and beyond, I see.

Each piece of art is born out of an intuitive consciousness channelled
into the manifestation of art.

Through my art i strive to bring aesthetic into the world as a medium
for the access to wholeness, enthusiasm, understanding and joy.

Infinity and meaning exists in images of the now.

The microcosmos and the macrocosmos of life.//

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